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Crab canning factory process includes several stages in the facilities until they are ready to be sold in the market. The suppliers packed the crab meat inside cans to lock their freshness in quite a long time. People often buy canned seafood product since they are not only cheaper but also can be used anytime they want before the expiration date unlike fresh crab meat which need to be cooked in the day they are bought it. However, the process of canning the crab meat is not that easy since they need to make sure the crab meat is really safe and edible for the consumers.
The crab canning factory stages in the facilities
Crab canning factory packed the crab meat in cans with pasteurized process. The canning process of canned crab meat has several stages included. Below is the pasteurized canned crab meat process which you can find in the crab factories around the world:
1.      Live crabs arrive in the factory
The fresh and live crabs that harvested from the ocean are shipped or delivered to the factory. When the factory received the crabs, the staffs will start to inspect and sorted the crabs based on their sizes, species, and qualities.
2.      Clean, wash, and preparation
The selected crabs are cleaned, washed, and their shell is being removed. The crabs that already cleaned are going through the next process in the pasteurized room and then heated pressured with high temperature. With the special pasteurized process thus all of the harmful bacteria are killed and then the crab meat sealed inside air tight container.
3.      Cook the crab meats
The crabs are cooled down in cooler room till they are stop steaming which need few hours waiting time until the meat stop steaming. After that, the pasteurized crabs are going through cooking process in cooked room with 250 degrees high temperature.
4.      Canned packaging process
The crabs once again are going through cooler room in crab canning factory stage to stop the steaming after being cooked in high temperature. And after that, the crab meat is packaged into metal cans by the staff manually. These cans are hermetically sealed after they are checked by weight and size in the packing room.
5.      Pasteurized process
The cans are heated once again in water bath for final pasteurization process and then cooled down with water or ice slush. After that, all the canned crab meat put into a room for few hours to make sure they are not bulging.
6.      Sampling process
After the staffs inspect the cans once again by take one sample to ensure that the canned crab meat is safe and edible to be consumed by people, the canned crab meat is stored inside refrigerator until they are ready to be delivered to the customers.
7.      Packaging and delivery process
When the day the canned crab meat is ready to be shipped, all the cans are packaged into containers in order to prevent damage during delivery process. The canned crabs are delivered with different transportation including via air cargo, trucks, boats, and many more.
That’s several stages in the crab canning factory process which you need to understand when you want to buy canned crab meat. With this information, you will be able to tell whether the crab in cans is really processed with the right method. You can ask the suppliers how they process their canned crab meat. The pasteurized crab meat product will remain fresh for months in unopened condition. But, if the cans have been opened the crabmeat need to be used within 3 days since they will rotten immediately.
5 Crab canning factory products
The canned crab meats have variety of grades from the colossal or jumbo lump to the crab claw meat depending on their qualities and sizes. As for the crab meat colors, they are also can range from white meat to the brown and a bit pinkish or red meat. There is also claw meat with white meat but burgundy on the outside.
Here is the canned crab canning factory products based on their grades which selected during canning process in the factory/ facilities:
1.      Colossal and Jumbo lump
Colossal lump crab meat or also know as super or mega jumbo lump is the largest chunks of meat taken from the meat that connect to the swimming fins of the crab. It has large size and the price of the canned crab meat colossal and jumbo lump is the most expensive. They have sweet flavor with incredible texture.
2.      Lump crab
This is another grade taken from broken jumbo lumps mixed with large chunks of crab body meat meaning that they have smaller size than the colossal or jumbo lump. The product is less expensive, but they are still offer delicate flavor with nice bright color.
3.      Backfin crab canned meat
The next crab canning factory supplier product is the backfin crab canned consists of smaller broken chunks of lump crab meat. They are mixed with white body meat flakes of the crab. It is cheaper than the other two crab meats which mentioned above. They are still offer delicious flavor and enough texture to offer appealing appearance when served on the table.
4.      Special crab
Special crab canned meat consists of smaller flakes taken from body cavity white crab meat. The price is least expensive than backfin crab canned meat or other canned crab which we already mentioned above.
5.      Claw crab
This is the cheapest crab canning factory seafood product which consist of claw meat of crab with pinkish brown meat instead of usual white meat. It has strong flavor profile which going through even when you mixed it with other ingredients or seasonings. This is recommended choice for recipes like soups or dips.
Why you should buy canned crab meat from the canning process?
Because thanks to the canning process such as the pasteurization and heat cooking stages, the crab meat is one hundred percent free from the bacteria. They are even ready to be consumed without further cooking, although you can mix and cook them in any recipes too. They are versatile product, cheap, and can be found easily in most of supermarkets and thus you totally need to buy this crab canning factory product.

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