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Crab Meat from Indonesia

Crab meat from Indonesia is specially made with high quality technologies to ensure their safety. Crab meat is one of most sold crab products in the world. They are packed in variety of ways including canned crab meat, crab meat in jars, crab meat in plastic bag, frozen crab meat, pasteurized crab meat, and fresh crab meat. As one of the top crab producers in the world, Indonesia also exported their crab meat products across the countries including America, China, Europe Countries, and other Asian countries as well.
Crab meat from Indonesia market
Market demand for crab meat from Indonesia has increased from year to year and each year there is tons of crab harvested to meet people demand who want to taste this luxury seafood dishes. Crab meat is packed with healthy nutrition such as omega-3 fatty acids, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Crab is a good dish when you are on a weight loses diet thanks to the high lean protein content offered from the meat.
Why you should eat crab meat from Indonesia?
-          They are cheap and really affordable since crab in Indonesia is really abundant thanks to the maritime area.
-          They are safe and edible to be consumed since Indonesia suppliers processing the crab meat in the right way.
-          There are also many crab suppliers from Indonesia certified for its safety especially for export import products.
-          You can find high quality from Indonesia easily and even if you live outside the country, you can still be able to buy them via online shopping.
Crab meat in Indonesia sourced from wild caught and farms. Crab farming is also really popular in Indonesia since the country need to meet the higher market demand while wild caught crabs are limited. That’s why many crab farmers also stock their crabs to crab exporters. Crab meat in Indonesia taken from various areas including Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi.
Wide variety of crab meat from Indonesia
There is wide variety selection of crab meat from Indonesia which you can buy. Although the crab flavor and texture is depend on their species; however the crab meat from Indonesia has soft texture with sweet flavor which can be used to various recipes. Crab meat in Indonesia is really versatile and they are sold in affordable price. You can find them from both offline and online shopping. Below are some of crab meat products sold by Indonesia suppliers:
-          Fresh crab meat, taken from freshest live crab meat which sold in the fresh seafood market or supermarket displayed on top of ice pack to lock the freshness. Need to be consumed quickly the same day after buy before rotten.
-          Frozen crab meat, this is great alternative of fresh crab meat and unlike the seasonal fresh crab meat, frozen crab meat available year round. The crab meat is speed frozen after caught and then they are stored inside freezer with special temperature condition to keep the freshness. The frozen crab meat usually sold inside air vacuum plastic bag or can/ container.
-          Pasteurized crab meat, the process of pasteurized the crab meat helps to make the shelf life of the meat longer than the fresh and frozen crab meat. This is means that the crab has been cooked in high temperature so they can be safely eaten and ready to be cooked even without further cooking. The seafood has been cooked in heat pressured or high temperature to kill all the bacteria inside the meat thus they can be safe and edible to be consumed.
Crab meat processing in Indonesia facilities
Crab meat from Indonesia suppliers has sweet and clean flavor with delicate texture which you can order for the business. The crab meat ranges from jumbo lump to the crab claw meat depending on their qualities and grades. As for the crab meat colors, they are also range from white meat to the brown and a bit pinkish meat. There is also claw meat with white meat but burgundy outside.
Here are the processes of making pasteurized crab meat from Indonesia:
1.      The crabs are arrived to the facilities still in live condition. They are inspected and sorted by their qualities.
2.      After that the crabs are cleaned, washed, and their shell is being removed. The crabs that already cleaned going through pasteurized room to be processed with high temperature.
3.      With the special heat treatment, all the harmful bacteria are killed and then the crab meat sealed inside air tight container.
4.      The approved canned crab meat is going through cooking process in 250 degrees temperature and then before placed to the next process, they are cooled down in cooler room till they are stop steaming which need time about two hours more or less.
5.      After the crab meat stop steaming, the container is opened and the meat is picked by hand into metal cans. These cans are hermetically sealed after they are checked by weight and size in the packing room.
6.      The cans are heated once again in water bath for final pasteurization process and then cooled down with ice or water slush. And the cans are ready to be shipped. They are stored inside refrigerator till being delivered to various places.
With the pasteurization and cooking process, the crab meat from Indonesia product is 100% free from bacteria and ready to be consumed even without further cooking. How long the crab meat can stay edible? The pasteurized crab meat stored in refrigerator will remain fresh for 6 to 12 months unopened. However, once the cans have been opened the crabmeat need to be used within 3 days since they will rotten quickly. Pasteurized crabmeat should be carefully re-heated to prevent toughness of the texture. One note is that never leave crab meat in room temperature because they will spoil immediately within hours.
If you are looking for crab meat from Indonesia suppliers then it is better to look for crab suppliers that already run their business quite a long time. From that, you can ensure they are reliable from the track records.

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