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Wholesale Crab Meat

Wholesale crab meat can be ordered for hotels and restaurants requirement. You can stock many high quality of crab meat for your business by looking for crab meat wholesalers or suppliers. Crab meat is available as fresh and frozen meats as well as ready to be consumed pasteurized meat. The numbers of crab meat products is abundant and so does their variety of qualities based on their grades. Learn all the crab meat information below.
Wholesale crab meat supplier products
Wholesale crab meat supplier sourced their products from both wild caught crabs and farmed crabs. They are harvested and quickly frozen to lock the freshness. After that the crabs are shipped to the facilities for further process which them being presented as fresh crab meat, frozen crab meat, and pasteurized crab meat. The crabs are different in qualities as well as their species.
1.      The fresh crab meat:
Fresh crab meat is taken from freshest live crab meat which harvested from the sea waters or farms. Averagely most of the fresh crab meat is taste sweet and not to fishy flavor with soft texture. The fresh crab meat shelf life is short since you need to cook or use them immediately in the day you purchased them. After you bring the crab meat home, you can cut and clean the crabs and take their meats. Fresh crab meat is available seasonal and thus many people who do not have access for fresh crab meat looking for the frozen one.
2.      The frozen crab meat:
Frozen wholesale crab meat is maybe the best alternative when you want to eat crab meat but you cannot have access for fresh crab meat and you have smaller budget to buy live crabs. They are less expensive than the fresh crab meat but they can be as good as the fresh one if the suppliers know to handle them properly. The best thing about buying frozen crab meat is that they have longer shelf life than the fresh crab, in the right store temperature conditions; they can even last for weeks or even months. This is why many restaurants and hotels prefer to buy frozen crab meat from the wholesalers in bulk order to restock their seafood inventory if the crabs are not going to be used immediately.
3.      Pasteurized crab meat:
Crab meat which going through pasteurized process meaning that the meats are cooked with heat pressured in high temperature to kill all the bacteria inside the meat and it also makes the shelf life of the crab meat longer than fresh crab meat. The pasteurized crab meat is ready to be consumed without further cooking. This is preferred by many people when they are: have small budget because pasteurized crab meat is cheap in price, does not have much time to prepare and clean crabs, and they want to have easy cook that still looks appealing. Pasteurized crab meats are available in grades from the jumbo lump to the claws.
Where to look for wholesale crab meat suppliers?
Hotels or restaurants can obtain good quality crab meat from the wholesalers. These are the advantages for buying crab meat in a bulk from wholesale market:
1.      Cheaper prices
Wholesale crab meat products is ready to be purchased in a bulk meaning that you can get less expensive prices rather than buying them in retailers or supermarkets. Larger amount of order will get lower prices because wholesalers will mostly offer some discounted prices when you buy in bulk.
2.      High quality products
Wholesale able to deliver many species and types of crab meats and they even can export the meats across the countries. If you can find trusted wholesalers then you can manage to get some high quality products of crab meat. To look for such dealers, it is better to find recommended suppliers that run in business quite long time.
3.      Variety of products
Wholesalers can deliver various crab meat products including fresh crab meat, frozen crab meat, and pasteurized crab meat. It is because wholesale play in large crab market and thus they have their own facilities to process such products.
The crab meat will be shipped to the customers via air cargo when you order for fresh crab meat. The overnight shipping method will ensure that you get the crab meat still in best condition, although overnight shipping might cost a lot.
Wholesale crab meat variation
The wholesale crab meat variation in grades categorized into several different qualities according to their sizes as well. Different grades of crab meat offer different prices so you need to understand what grades of frozen and fresh wholesale crab meat which available in the market such as:
1.      The jumbo lump crab meat:
Large size of canned crab meats consist of pair of large muscles which drive the swimming legs of the crabs with appealing and nice visual appearance as dishes. You can use them when you need to make some recipes with beautiful white crab meat display.
2.      The back fin or lump crab meat:
Smaller size of jumbo lump with similar texture and flavor, only differentiate by its size. Wholesale canned crab meat companies like to label them as either back fin or lump or backfin lump since some brands like to mix them with white crab body meat. When you read canned crab meat labeled as lump then that’s mean they are all lump meat.
3.      The white crab meat:
The white crab meats consist of smaller crab meat than jumbo lump or back fin lump. They are ideal for recipes such as crab cakes which usually have multiple ingredients and seasonings. They are also good for any other recipes where the meats are indistinguishable from the rest of the ingredients.
4.      The claw crab meat:
It is the cheapest grades and although it does not have white color of meat, but the reddish brown claws meat and legs makes nicer appearance instead. Many people like to buy this grade since the lower price and for the stronger flavor it offered.
Those are some information regarding wholesale crab meat which you need to know when you want to bulk order crab meats in the market.

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