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Best Canned Crab Meat Brand

Best canned crab meat brand in the market available in different types of quality, grades, and prices. They can be found at the supermarket or grocery stores as cheapest alternative of fresh crab meat. Canned crab meat going through pasteurized process with high temperature to kill all the bacterial in meat and to make the shelf life stay longer than fresh crab. Many people enjoy buying canned crab meat since they are much cheaper, versatile, and easy to get. If you also enjoy eating crab meat in cans then maybe you should check out the list of recommended best canned crab meat brands. 
Understanding canned crab meat
Before you check for the best canned crab meat brand recommendation, you need to know some important thing regarding crab meat in cans. First, canned crab meat can be particularly delicious just like fresh crab meat if you know how to handle, store, and cook them properly. The crab meat in cans is also categorized based on their grades. Different grade have different qualities and prices. You can tell what grades they are based on their label on the cans. There are four canned crab meat grades such as:
1.      The jumbo lump: The largest size of canned crab meat consists of pair of large muscles which drive the crab’ swimming legs. With its elegant and nice visual appeal, you can use them to make beautiful dish with white meat display.
2.      Backfin or lump: Smaller size of jumbo lump with similar texture and flavor just like the jumbo one and they are labeled as backfin or lump or backfin lump since some company brands like to mix them with white crab body meat. When you check the label of the canned crab meat as lump then that’s mean they are all lump meat but not jumbo lump.
3.      White crab meat: Cheap canned white crab meat consists of smaller crab meat than jumbo lump or backfin lump. They are ideal for recipe such as crab cakes which usually have multiple ingredients or any other recipes where the crab meats are indistinguishable from the rest of the ingredients.
4.      Claw crab meat: It has dark meat taken from the crab claws with stronger flavor than the white crab meat. The meat consists of reddish brown claws meat and legs. Since they are the cheapest out of the four canned crab meat grades, many people like to buy it, not to mention it also popular for those who like to have strong crab meat flavor.
Crab meat can be packaged in one pound of cans or six ounces can or 4 ounces can when drained. There is also imitation crab which consists of fish meat with appearance just like real crab, however they are processed cuts and minced into flakes with additional seasonings to give crab flavor. They are even cheaper than the canned claw crab meat.
List of best canned crab meat brand
We are going to list several best canned crab meat brand from top quality to the worst quality:
1.      Crown Prince Fancy White-LumpCrab Meat
Although it has small flavor of crab but their meat is really clean with beautiful elegant appearance. You will like it when you want to make dish that focused on the appealing view. A serve of this can packed with 9 grams of healthy protein and 290 mg of sodium. Their price is about $8.49 more or less.
2.      Kanimi Crab Smart Imitation Crab Flakes
It is another best canned crab meat brand review from Kanimi Crab Smart Imitation Crab Flakes. Just like the name implies, the can consists of small amount of crab meat (only 2 percents) mixed with whitefish and lobster from the Alaska. Although the product consist only a bit of crab meat, it has strong crab flavor and not to mention it offers tender meat texture which is tasty enough. They can be used as replacement in any recipes with crab ingredient. A serving of can packed with 6 grams of protein plus 300 mg of sodium priced around $3.99. You can find them usually at refrigerated seafood section at grocery stores or supermarkets.
3.      Geisha Fancy Crab Meat
Although this canned crab brand lack the real thing but it still offers nice and beautiful pink white clumps of crab meat. They have clean flavor which is good and a can of Geisha Fancy Crab Meat packed with 8 grams of protein and 230 mg of sodium. It is very affordable and worth to buy once in awhile when you want to make recipes with small ingredient of crab meat. The price is around $3.99.
4.      Trader Joe’s Crab
It is also very cheap best canned crab meat brand and even though it lacks of fresh crab and the smell is a bit fishy, however it packed with nice large chunks of tender crab meat with natural preferable pink color. It is good to be used when you want to make recipe that displayed appealing view of crab meat.
5.      Great American Seafood Imitation Crab Flakes
Unlike the imitation crab meat like the Kanimi Crab Smart one, this has fishier flavor with very sweet taste almost like fish candy. It has cheaper price though since a can of Great American Seafood imitation crab flakes priced only 99 cents and a serving consists of 400 mg of sodium with 6 grams of protein.
6.      Chicken of the Sea White Crabmeat
This maybe one of the most popular best canned crab meat brand at supermarket, it taste a bit just like crab meat with 7 grams of protein and 300 mg of sodium. It priced about $3.99 in most of the grocery stores. Although it has nice flavor, however due to the meat being mixed with ground-up shells, it makes it unpleasant when consumed.
There are still so many best canned crab meat brand products to the worst canned one if you have time to check on the supermarket. You may want to experience each brand to find the most preferable brand according to your taste. But hopefully some of the list above helps as small reference.

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