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Crab Meat Nutrition and Benefit for Your Health

When you learn about this crab meat nutrition, then you will try to eat more of this delicious seafood as it filled with various nutrients which good for your body. As this seafood is also very versatile, you can create various dishes using this crab meat so you can eat it with various methods that you love. Thus you can gain all of the nutrition that this delicious meat has by eating this nutritious meat often. This meat is also considered as healthy meat thus you can try to insert this crab into your diet to make it healthier.

List of Important Crab Meat Nutrition
1.      Protein
If you eat meat, you surely want to get protein from the meat that you eat no matter what kind of meat that you eat. Actually every day men will need 56 gram of this nutrition and women will need 46 gram of this nutrition. And you should know that protein is one of the best crab meat nutrition that you can get whenever you eat this type of meat. Furthermore the protein which supplies by this crab meat is considered as complete type of protein. This means that the nutrient is able to supply the entire 20 types of amino acid for your body.

If you eat one portion of this crab meat which usually on 3 ounce weight, then you will get 16.45 gram on this protein nutrient. Thus consuming this crab meat will really help your daily requirement of this nutrient as the protein itself is a type of nutrient which breaks down little by little. This nutrient is very important for you to as it will be used in creating the muscle mass by your body. Then it will also be used in repairing any tissues that is damaged or when the body need a new one.
2.      Vitamin B12
This is one of the most important crab meat nutrition that you will gain whenever you eat this meat. Actually every day everyone will need 2.4 microgram of this important nutrition. If you eat one portion of this crab meat which usually on 3 ounce weight, then you will get 9.78 microgram on this Vitamin B12 nutrient. This means whenever you eat one portion of this crab meat then you will be able to fulfill the entire nutrient that you need of the vitamin B12. This nutrient is actually very important as it will be used to make new blood cell. It is also used by your brain to be able to function normally. And you should know that if you get enough vitamin B12 intakes for your body, then it can reduce the risk on your body to get cardiovascular disease.
3.      Low calories
Calories are the things that everyone concern whenever they eat any type of dishes. Especially if you are on diet that needs low intake of calories which makes you have to limit the calories that you can take every day. But you should not have to worry if you consume crab meat as this type of meat only has low calories as one of the crab meat nutrition you should get. Furthermore, most of them which is around 80 percent come from protein instead with some of them comes from fats and then very little comes from carbohydrate. Thus it is a good type of calories that you should include in your diet.
If you eat one portion of the blue type crab meat which usually on 3 ounce weight, then you will get 70 calories. Then if you eat one portion of the Dungeness type crab meat which usually on 3 ounce weight, then you will get 95 calories. But if you eat one portion of the Alaska king type crab meat which usually on 3 ounce weight, then you will get 80 calories.
To keep this calories intake to minimum, then when you consume the meat, it is better for you not to use cream sauce or even butter sauce. Especially since if you use one tbsp of this butter which melted into the sauce will already add 100 calories. That is because the butter is full of fat which actually most of them are saturated type of fat.
4.      Omega 3
Crab is very much similar to any other shellfish which also contains omega 3 as one of the crab meat nutrition you should get. The reason why they contains high amount of omega 3 nutrition inside their meat is because of their diet which mostly consist of algae as well as phytoplankton. Those two things are one of the biggest omega 3 sources that you can use. And apparently crab loves to eat these things as their food thus they can get omega 3 inside their meat.
This nutrient itself is very important for your body as it can make your body becomes healthier. It can lower the amount of triglyceride inside your blood as well as cholesterol. Furthermore this nutrient is also able to ensure there is no plaque in the walls of the arteries. This plaque is actually able to clog your arteries which cause various heart diseases thus it is important to prevent them from forming in the first place. By doing all of those things; then your heart will become healthier and may also prevent various heart diseases to forming.
Those are several crab meat nutrition that you can get whenever you consume this meat as part of your diet. As you can see there are a lot of useful nutrient that you can get from consuming crab meat. All of those nutrients will be able to make your body become healthier. They also able to prevent various types of diseases, that may come and affecting your health. That is why; you can try to insert this nutritious meat into your diet. Of course, you need to consume it in moderate about as the crab meat contains sodium as well as cholesterol. But do not worry as the amount of those items is still very moderate so you can still consume it.

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