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Super Lump Crab Meat

Super lump crab meat is another crab meat grade consists of broken pieces of jumbo lump crab meat mixed with large flakes of the white body meat while sometime the manufacturer also like to mix it with special crab meat to create more versatile product with nicer appearance. Super lump crab can be used to make delicious crab cake or any other recipes since the meat is versatile. If you want to taste crab meat in more economical product then you can choose super lump meat crab.

Super lump crab meat product in market
What is super lump crab meat that sold in the market? Most of the super lump meat of crab which likely you found in the market consists of broken pieces of jumbo lump crab meat mixed with large flakes of the white body meat and thus it is not included in the jumbo lump crab meat grade as well as other flake pieces. This kind of crab meat is very ideal to make crab cakes and often being used by manufacturers. The crab meat is packed into plastic container/ bag/ wrap and also cans or glass jar. The most popular crab meat is the canned one though since they are easy to be found in most of supermarkets around the world.
Super lump crab is actually a mixed of firm, thick, and long pieces of the white muscle crabmeat selected from the back fin and large pieces of body meat including the broken jumbo lump. This super lump crabmeat mostly have sweet and clean flavor with delicate texture and medium fat content.
If you buy pasteurized super lump crabmeat then they are mostly available as ready to consume crab meat product. This is mean that the crab meat is already cooked and went through the pasteurization process with high temperature that makes the meat 100 percent free from harmful bacteria. In addition, the crab meat is also cooked and thus you can eat them straight out of the can without further cooking. But, of course you can make them into any dish including recommended crab cakes.
Where to find super lump crab meat suppliers? Well, you can buy them at supermarkets or grocery stores. If you want to get the freshest one then just visit fresh seafood market where you can find fresh super lump crab meat packed into plastic container. Some of them are already steamed or boiled while some is not. It is priced quite less expensive than colossal and jumbo lump crab meat. Basically, you need to read the label first before you buy the lump crab meat grades since you can possibly mistaken super lump crab meat with other lump crab meat grades like regular lump.
Pasteurized super lump crab meat product info
One of the most popular super lump crab meat is the pasteurized super lump crab meat sold in plastic bags, cans, and jars. They are ready to be consumed without further cooking and it is great to be used when you want to make simple dish or you want to eat crab meat straight out of the can.
What is pasteurized crab meat in super lump grade? The crab meat is heated pressured with high temperature in order to kill all the bacteria in the meat. The cooking process makes the meat ready to eat and the pasteurization stage also make the shelf life longer than the fresh crab meat.
The process can be explained like this: The live crabs arrive at the manufacturer facilities and then they are selected based on their qualities, species, and sizes. The shell of the crab is removed and they are going to the pasteurization process as well as being sealed in airtight container. The next process is to cool down the crab meat in the cooler room and then cook them in high temperature. The cooked crab meat is cooled down again until stop steaming. The cooked super lump is packed into cans manually by hands and then hermetically sealed. Once again, the canned crab meat went into pasteurization process before being delivered to various customers.
Fresh and frozen lump crab meat grades
Fresh and frozen super lump crab meat is actually just one of many crab meat grades in the market. They are also colossal lump, jumbo lump, and regular lump. This is why when buying crab meat in large chunks of lump, you need to check the label on the package first to ensure that you really picked super lump instead of other lump grades. The difference between super lump and other lump grades can also being seen on their price and sizes. Let’s learn about each of them below:
·         The super lump crab meat consist of broken pieces of jumbo lump crab meat mixed with large flakes of the white body meat and thus it is not included in the jumbo lump crab meat grade as well as other flake pieces.
·         Jumbo lump consists of white meat body crab that taken from two largest lumps of the unbroken muscle which connected to the swimming crab legs.
·         Regular crab meat consists of large chunks of crab meat that contain smaller pieces of jumbo lump crab however it is not the jumbo lump itself. The regular lump crab meat has a bit smaller size than the jumbo one.
·         Colossal lump crab meat is the largest lump of crab meat grade even bigger than the jumbo lump and regular lump as well as super lump.
Colossal lump grade is more expensive than super lump crab meat and in fact, it is the largest lump grade. Super lump crab meat is quite smaller than the jumbo lump but it can also offer nice and appealing ingredient for crab cakes and many recipes. When you buy lump crab meat, just remember than to check their appearance. Super lump meat crab can be found easily with other crab meat grades and it is better to always pay attention to the label and the overall appearance. Do not mistake it as well with other grades such as back fin or special crab meat.

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