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Best Frozen Crab Meat

Best frozen crab meat comes as pasteurized product ready to be consumed. They are the best alternative when you cannot find fresh and live crab meat. Fresh crab meat need to be consumed immediately in the day you bought them while frozen crab meat can stay longer up to 3 months if you store them in the coldest part of the freezer. Fresh crab meat has longer shelf life if you store them in the refrigerator, they can stay within 2 to 3 days but not more thus you should eat them quickly.
The best frozen crab meat products
The best frozen crab meat product is heat pressured with high temperature so they have longer shelf life than the fresh crab meat. Actually, they are two different frozen crab meat products available in the market:
1.      Unpasteurized frozen crab meat
2.      Pasteurized frozen crab meat
Just like the names imply, the unpasteurized frozen crab meat is a meat taken from fresh crabs that quickly frozen and stored in the freezer without further process. They need to be cooked so you cannot consume them directly. The unpasteurized frozen crab meat has shorter shelf life than the pasteurized frozen crab meat so you better use them before they are become spoilage, although they still have longer shelf life than the fresh crab meat.
Pasteurized best frozen crab meat is processed with high temperature to kill the bacteria inside the meat and to prevent the meat being rotten quickly. Some of the product is cooked and semi-cooked so you can enjoy them even without further cooking process. Both unpasteurized and pasteurized frozen crab meat are available in plastic packaging. They usually sold in freezer seafood section.
How to buy best frozen crab meat at supermarket or grocery stores?
These are several guides that you need to follow if you want to buy best frozen crab meat products in the supermarket or grocery stores:
-          Look for the species of the frozen crab before you buy. Usually the best frozen crab meat suppliers will mention the crab types or species on the packaging. If not, you can ask them. If they do not want to tell it then moves to another product.
-          Look for sustainable frozen crab meat by check the label about whether the crab meat harvested with sustainable fishing method. Moreover make sure to buy wild caught crab meat than the farmed crab meat. Farmed crab meats have more mercury.
-          Check the appearance, if the crab meat is in a whole form then you need to make sure there is no missing claws or eyes or legs. If the crab meat is in cuts or minced then you need to make sure they have nice colors.
-          The frozen crab meats should have been frozen in the proper method which can make the texture firm. If the meats feel soft when you touch them then it can be some sign that they are previously thawed or handled in improper method. Do not buy them. They are also maybe very old crab meats.
-          Check for the expiration date and labels that can make sure the frozen crab meat product is edible and safe to be consumed. It is important especially if you buy frozen crab meat exporter product from other particular countries with different crab processing systems.
-          Check for the package, frozen crab meat is usually packed in air tight plastic packaging or container. Do not buy them if you sport that the packaging is torn or damaged or crushed. The crab meat inside will contaminated and rotten quickly if the package is torn.
-          Make sure there is no sign of ice burn or ice crystal on top of the crab meat because it is some sign that the meat inside is a very old crab meat. If you want to purchase freshest frozen crab meat then you need to ensure they do not have ice burn.
Basically when you want to buy frozen crab meat, you need to check them by their appearance and texture. More importantly, if you buy crab meat just make sure you need to get them from trusted suppliers.
How long the best frozen crab meat can stay in good condition?
Unopened frozen crab meat can last for at least 3 months when they are stored inside freezer in the right temperature. If they are opened, then you need to use them at least within 2 to 3 days and not more. When you buy fresh crab meat, you can freeze them as well by clean them and then put them inside plastic wrap or container. Put them in the coldest part of the freezer in a set of temperature. If you are lucky then they can stay safe for weeks.
How to cook frozen crab meat?
Before you use the frozen crab meat, you should know how to cook best frozen crab meat as well: First, you should thaw the frozen crab meat before you use them. You can take out the crab meat out of the freezer and place them in the refrigerator for overnight. They will thaw slowly and in the next morning, the meats are ready to be used. When you want to use them immediately then you can quick thawing the crab meat by soak the crab meat still in the package in a bowl full of cold water. Soak the all within hours and after that they are ready to be used. Take out the crab meat out of the package and then you can cook them with any recipes.
The best frozen crab meat price is less expensive than the fresh crab meat thus they are economical alternative for fresh and live crabs. Best frozen crab meat available year round and they are also easy to be find in most of the supermarket or grocery stores. You can even try buying them from frozen crab exporters via online shopping method. Just ensure that the suppliers already run in the business quite long time so you can trust their qualities.

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